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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Million People's March at Luneta

The 75,000 or so-strong people's march at the Rizal Park is a positive mark in Philippine history. It might be laden with a large number of undertones, but the truth is that, like the Arab Spring, that event could trigger a humongous domino effect in society.

The discovery by the now deceased lawyer, the late former Fiscal of Butuan City, of the sneaky, devilish act of lawyer Editha Talaboc of notarizing non-government organizations of Janet Napoles despite that the so-called names of the members of said organizations were those of already dead and buried people, is an astounding revelation.

While such a nefarious practice is not new, it still has a shocking, mind-numbing effect upon us all who have always kept mum and turned our heads away, maintained a blind eye from the dastardly, nauseous money-making schemes of so many political creatures in the country.

This use of very dirty, underhanded tactics just to bilk our people is truly the height of more than just cruelty; it impugns the very fundamental right of every living member of the population to justly receive what is due her or him in all manner that the government can provide.

Why do we have bad roads and bridges, extremely oppressive financial services and constricting government and private banking credit, overloaded mass transit, bad police protection, bad law enforcement agency service, bad justice, burgeoning squatter colonies, poverty and hunger, irreparable social loss from sending workers overseas -- the list of the effects of crimes against our basic humanity and being citizens of this country -- is endless. The public sector is no longer serving. It is simply engaged in killing, killing, certainly very softly so, but still a maniac bent on genocide.

Instead of being loved and pampered we are at the mercy of those who aggrandize themselves with the wealth of the nation at the risk of going away painfully like the late Butuan City Fiscal who passed away from cancer everywhere in his body.

Our own national cancer could not be worse.

Nothing is enough for the inconsolable murderous thieves. Their absolute amorality and unconscionable character allows them to desecrate the dead, to take acts that are beyond all our imaginations, just to amass wealth that should be due to all the people in the first place -- meaning all of us.

What differentiates the people's march against the pork barrel from other mass movements? There are a lot of factors. For one, in a short time a major upheaval is expected in society with very little stimulant. The involvement of the middle class is always something that triggers massive shake-ups in whatever society - whether backward or advanced.

Cuba was like that; Iran and later Argentina and of course the Philippines and much, much later the Iron Curtain states then the Arab Kingdoms and republics.

The reason why China's modern day Emperors survived is that they know how to stem the flow of unrest. The Chinese Communist Party has not lost its nerve and maintains its cold ruthlessness: even the mere discussion of widespread environmental catastrophe such as the forthcoming meltdown in the North Pole, could possibly send someone to jail, or even most possibly death.

There is definitely nothing of its kind in our political leadership; although the liderati could experiment in such kind of Stalinesque approach, it would be a total fiasco. A lot of people could end up brutally killed, maimed or waylaid for a lot of wrong reasons instead of issues. Somewhere, someone will rise up to stop the killers themselves.

If the People's March against Pork Barrel is not overly trivialized, and there will be no Machiavelli-type goading of the masses into forgetfulness and submission through incessant masturbation, the proverbial rolling-heads scenario is evident through the seer's crystal.

After the March at Luneta, the future is foretold.

Something will happen and happen it will indeed.

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