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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Woman from Lima undressed

Woman from Lima is undressed as the lawyer of Mr. Jaime and Ms. Janet Napoles. Some quarters attribute the telenovela type expose and props of truckloads of documents to the missing hundreds and hundreds of Billions of pesos from the national coffers.

The coffeeshop circuits are buzzing. "How were they able to transfer these funds? What about the money coming from outside coming in as bribes to the Palace and the cabinets?" Well now that has to be uncovered. For now, you will have to make do with these new revelations. As for me, I am shocked to the bones and it will take some time before I can sleep soundly. Is it because of these demonic, diabolic schemes? Are Estrada-Revilla-Enrile not just acting at this time and are really part of the persecuted? It does appear so, but only time will tell.

My whole body is aching with a kind of illness I know nothing about. I just hope that it is not that man by the Pasig and the woman from Lima who is causing this or they'll really have hell to pay.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Wedding Day Nears

Even with the combined two associations of the Mesmerizing, Appealing Congressional Honchos (MACHO) and the UnMesmerizing, UnAppealing Congressional Uglies (UUCU) are hereby given notice that the Resolution to praise to high heavens Ms. Megan Young will be not to your avail. Shame on you!
When my Megan returns, she will definitely propose to me that I will marry her. (At least that's what I know, I'm not sure if she knows it yet.)
Congratulations my Megan!!! Don't worry, even if I don't love you yet, after your proposal, I'll learn hard to love you too.
Attention Cory Q: What stunt exactly did you pull eh?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Special favor

A lot of our brothers and sisters, Christian and Muslims alike, will probably die in Zamboanga City not because they will be hit by targeted or stray bullets, killer explosives, as well as other harbingers of death in an armed conflict such as what is happening now in that place.

The most likely cause will be disease, infections, and lack of treatment, medical supplies and access to attending health professionals and specialists.

If there are cases in large numbers like this in Zamboanga, so it is in other parts of the country. The culprit is the unavailable medical attention and supplies. A great number of NGOs, pseudo-contractors have made enormous amounts of money from medicine supplies to local governments from the barangay, municipal, city, province and region levels. Many of these contractors became instant multi-millionaires, have made many bureaucrats or elected officials well-nourished or some, really filthy rich.

If an audit is made of the number of medical supply single proprietor enterprises and corporations (both profit and non-profit or NGOs), the total registered number will be mind-boggling. This is to be expected since the pharmaceutical industry has a yearly turn-over of tens to hundreds of billions of pesos. A large chunk of the total industry income is attributed to contracts with the public sector, although with public sector supply contracts, only a measly volume of medicines are traded. Much of the income, becomes illegal skim for personal gains.

With the exception of truly lucky medicine suppliers, a good number of these contractors suffered serious illness, figured in very, very bad accidents that nearly cost them their lives. My neighbor says that the suffering of contractors is due to bad, bad karma. Enriching themselves at the expense of the welfare and the lives of our people who are supposed to benefit from the medicines.

Perhaps my neighbor is correct. Contracts for medicines, medical supplies to local governments all over the country is an absolutely dirty business. It is so, so dirty that the public officials are killed by contractors or contractors are killed by public officials when the loot is so great and the temptation to take the lion's share or all of it is extremely irresistible.

To minimize the deaths and other complicated afflictions arising from unavailable medical supplies that should have been there in the first place, it is in order that special instructions be passed from the office of President Aquino and a stern law be crafted by Congress to the effect that the procurement and delivery of needed medical supplies from the urban centers to the farthest barangays of the country is guaranteed from day one of the passage of the General Appropriations Act.

Under the instructions or new legislation, no persons or parties may therefore be allowed to monopolize the contract to supply large quantities of medicine if the party is not a manufacturer of good repute.

Together with these new regulations, a comprehensive audit of the Department of Health from the main office to the lowest health units should be undertaken.

A sizeable part of the missing pork barrel money, among other fund sources, have been lost to ghost medicine supply contracts; or hyper-valued payments of inadequately documents delivery of medicines.

If the incumbent administration will not come up with an enabling document in this regard, then the admin itself may be considered to be among the biggest future recipients of the whiplash of negative karmic debt. No one can stop karma from chopping heads, arms and legs or claiming the innards of the corrupt private sector and government functionaries; it has been happening in the past and will sustain its momentum. So then, good riddance.

Slowing corruption

United National Office on Drugs and Crime

UNODC provides thematic compilation of information relating to bodies responsible for implementing preventive anti-corruption policies produced in the context of the meetings of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group on Prevention. The information provided below is drawn from official reports produced by the Secretariat of the Working Group, submissions from States parties to the Secretariat ahead of meetings of the Working Group and presentations given during each meeting. Additional information relevant to the thematic topic drawn from other UNODC projects and resources are also provided.

Transparency International introduces technological innovation tools on how to fight corruption.

Information and communications technology (ICTs) are increasingly seen by governments as well as activists and civil society as important tools to promote transparency and accountability as well as to identify and reduce corruption. Download full file here

Anti-Corruption Agencies
Anti-corruption agencies are important, and contested, players in the fight against corruption. Find the latest evidence on their value and performance on this theme page

The number of Anti-corruption agencies (ACAs) around the world has increased dramatically over the past decades. Nevertheless, the value of ACAs is increasingly being questioned by international donors and national governments. Frequently, ACAs are not considered to deliver on the high expectations bestowed upon then. The question is by which measure - and how - we assess the performance of these institutions, and how we can best improve their performance. On this page you can:

Find out what it means when article 6 of the UN Convention against Corruption requires states to ensure the existence of a body or bodies to prevent corruption
Get guidance on how to monitor and evaluate ACAs
Read the UNDP publication on how to perform acapacity assessment of an ACA
Find recommended readings debating the role and value of ACAs
Find links to the relevant associations for ACAs around the world

The Proxy Challenge Competition
Do you have an idea on how to better assess anti-corruption efforts?

Help us explore the ways that proxy indicators can be used to better evaluate anti-corruption efforts by submitting a proposal in U4's "The Proxy Challenge Competition". Development practitioners, monitoring and evaluation professionals, and researchers are invited to participate. The best submissions will be rewarded!

United Nations Convention against Corruption

Background of the United Nations Convention against Corruption 
In its resolution 55/61 of 4 December 2000, the General Assembly recognized that an effective international legal instrument against corruption, independent of the United Nations Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (resolution 55/25, annex I) was desirable and decided to establish an ad hoc committee for the negotiation of such an instrument in Vienna at the headquarters of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.
The text of the United Nations Convention against Corruption was negotiated during seven sessions of the Ad Hoc Committee for the Negotiation of the Convention against Corruption, held between 21 January 2002 and 1 October 2003.
The Convention approved by the Ad Hoc Committee was adopted by the General Assembly by resolution 58/4 of 31 October 2003. The General Assembly, in its resolution 57/169 of 18 December 2002, accepted the offer of the Government of Mexico to host a high-level political signing conference in Merida for the purpose of signing the United Nations Convention against Corruption.
In accordance with article 68 (1) of resolution 58/4, the United Nations Convention against Corruption entered into force on 14 December 2005. A Conference of the States Parties is established to review implementation and facilitate activities required by the Convention.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Napoles(es) is now in the custody of the government

Mrs. Napoles surrendered to Pres. Benigno Simeon Cojuangco Aquino 3 and Mr. Paul Farol et al  say she was fetched by high ranking officers of Mr. Aquino 3's communications staff.

On the other hand, Ms. Jeane P. Barreles is now in the custody of the government as shown in the photo below. Notice how the special operations to capture is proceeding by the hidden hand and how the lower part of the lady's body reacted to the negation and neutralization special ops.

Congratulations for capturing these two notorious villains!!!
Good job government official!!!


Senate closes first hearing on pig baul

Photo credit: Sun Star 
The pork barrel, aka pig baul hearing by the Senate of the Philippines just ended at this minute. Secretary Leila de Lima brought along the witnesses for the case of pig baul. The extent of stealing of money from the public coffers is mind boggling. It is hoped that the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines will finally realize, despite the fashion show in Zamboanga City, that it is time for the pig baul, pork barrel to go.

Media asks: who are these other NGOs that have been raking in money from government? If the Napolis NGOs are just the tip of the iceberg, why aren't they naming the other NGOs? What is the government, COA, Congress, DBM, et al hiding?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Message to Nur and Vol Mar

Messrs. Nur Misuari, Voltaire T. Gazmin, Manuel A. Roxas III


Please stop whatever violence it is you are doing in Zamboanga. You are all grown up people and you have developed brains, heads, with much hope, the most sound bodies. What you are doing now in Zamboanga is not sane, sober, outside of the realm of what has been agreed upon in international dialogue - multipartite assemblies. The issue is political. The issue is a decided issue. All that remains is enfleshing the things decided upon by some of our elders and Nur and company, among others who are still around.

Please stop, in the name of the people of this country, for the sake of all our children who will be bearing the brunt of this stupidity once it progresses into fourth generation war (guerilla, terrorism, non conventional warfare, borderless war.)


We will all appreciate and praise you all for your sobriety and we shall not forget.

Yours sincerely,

Zing Chroniclers

President Aquino, Senate President Drilon facing rough times

Mr. Frank Drilon in very delighted and enchanted state as he poses with Madam P Barreles and Monsieur P Barreles. At right is a repeat performance post of au naturelle poseur Ms. Jeane P, together in a very custodial pose with most high, Mr. Noynoy Aqu. Perhaps with all the posing and posturing by this government and functionaries, allies outside the public sector, some slip-ups were made and a few got slighted.  A new potential coup group sent a manifesto to media about their discontent. They call themselves the Reformist Officers United or the ROU.

Please stop the pose, kill the fashion show

Fashion Show Gallery:

Military fashion statement cited by Fashion Writer Oyindamola Lawal
Military fashion show in Canada

Mayor Radu Mazare of Constantin, Rumania, likes military fashion
But wearing this wardrobe got him in very, very serious trouble

Because of the fashion show in Zamboanga, OMG! only few people (about 900) attended the prayer rally at EDSA Shrine. (Don't you just hate military fashion shows?)

Also this photo of 2 Instagrammers helped dampen the spirit of the fake anti pork barrel campaigners shit (Photo credits: http://philnews.ph/2013/09/11/jeane-napoles-selfie-picture-with-president-pnoy-went-viral-photo/)

Both sides of the conflict now going on in Zamboanga City - the Moro National Liberation Front or MNLF and the Government of the Philippines or GPH should stop whatever posturing they are doing right now.

There is no need for a military solution to the complaint of the MNLF for inclusion into the GPH MILF Agreements. This is all just political and if the government cannot fathom the manner in which to treat the MNLF then government should be able to invite individuals and groups external to the government to help resolve the stand-off between government and MNLF. It is suspected that the people running the government under the President really are at a loss all the time something like this comes up. This admin does not just have the necessary intelligence and intellect to deal with Nur Misuari - as its own representatives in the peace talks with MILF do admit. They confessed having neglected, ignored Misuari; but it's just that Nur Misuari is a major stakeholder. Only he holds the franchise to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for the Muslims of Mindanao. Perhaps government functionaries prefer not to realize this, because its just too deep.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Money flows

Money goes everywhere the catchers are. Money just keeps on flowing. Our elders used to say, money has no brains. Money has no qualms. Money has no conscience. Money is devoid of any scruples at all.

Money never does distinguish between the dark and shady, the bright and principled individuals in our midsts. Money is neutral

As the media says even the so-called accusers are now part of the sinners.
Photo credit: Tribune photo on Aquino pork link to Napoles

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Whistle Pitch

A 35-year old whistle blower becomes very kind enough for Ms. Janet Napoles by making the earth-shaking revelation that her boss' people listed graduating students as beneficiaries of her boss' NGOs. Good for her.

I wonder what the pitch of her whistle is. She is considered to be the ninth whistle blower. There are only eight notes in an octave, that's why its called octave, dummy! But in Music theory, you make as many as nine, ten, eleven, twelve notes to an octave.

The added notes come as a result of making fractions out of some notes. I hope this whistle blower is not dishing out fractions of reality.

This girl tells her government interviewers that congressmen take as much as 60 percent kickback. That's a little bit odd, but it does coincide with the Napoles NGOs that are populated by the Walking Dead.

The Rags Saga

And I've often wondered why some creatures in the Planet are called Trapos. Perhaps you are what you sell, non?

Low Cost Pork

Rags are cheap. So are Ukay-Ukays. For the former, you hardly need capital. For Ukay-Ukay, you might as well pass through the eye of a needle if you don't have a good contact at DSWD, Bureau of Customs, media and elsewhere that it matters. You only get Ukay-Ukay if you use a fake NGO just like the Napoles NGOs.

God bless the Ukay-Ukay NGOs. At least they've made a lot of people happy wearing designer so-sos.

Now back to our original topic: rags.

If and when the unscrupulous Congressman or Senator decides to sell his Pork Barrel Fund of 70-Million or 200-Million, he or she deals with the owner of a posh house in Corinthian Gardens (God knows where else this owner has other houses), and says he's or she's hell bent on selling his or her Pork Barrel.

Now, a Congressman's or -woman's 70-Million Pesos Pork Barrel is a lot of money. But when the Corinthian Gardens resident pays for it, he / she pays only for rags. The Cong gets a shitty 11.9-Million Pesos for the whole shebang!

If a Senator decides to sell Pork of 200-Millions, the Corinthian Resident pays a slightly less shitty 34-Million Pesos. (Sana dollar na lang, punyeta.)

For the price of rags, our good Congressman or -woman decidedly parts with his or her Pork Barrel. So does our Senator.

What kind of life is this?

The people got sold out for the measly price of rags! If they sold for 50, 60 or 70 percent, that would have been fairly higher than Ukay-Ukay. At that point, you can say at least the goddamn lawmaker made some kind of effort to earn his or her keep. But 17 percent? Shit.  All for the lust for money and to let the vices keep getting sustained for the day, to the day after and the day after the next.

How long has this been going on? The little singing birdie who told the tale says: The practice has been going on for a long, long time. Government people have known this for so long. (So now here we are, eager to stop these shenanigans; now the shit has hit the fan.)

The only capital Politicians from the President down dish out for taking part in an election is a proverbial token money to buy shirts and trousers, blouses and skirts that will become rags they will get paid for. The post they ran for guarantees them the Pork Barrel; but when they sell this f__ck__g Pork Barrel, they think nothing of the Filipino people at all.

All they think about is getting rid of the clothes they bought as if these were dirty and sell them as rags. Away goes their Pork Barrel. Of course some do it with regret, but you'll hardly see them wince once the rag money gets into their sweaty palms. Bad boys and girls! Dirty dirty!

Very Bondad Happy Pork Barrel Family

Truly Model of Virtue Pork Barrel family. The stuff of Fairy Tales like Snow White, Cinderella, and all that shit.

If you  won the United States, Canada, United Kingdom Lottery, you would be as happy as the Napolises showing their mirth and celebratory glee below. Lucky Lotto winners! Shit.

The Lovely Pork Barrel Femme Fata

Ms. Jeane Napolis, on an expensive luxury car. How lovely this Pork Barrel Lady is, considering . . .

The lovely, fashionable Ms. Jeane Napolis in a very costly party for her 21st birthday attended by Ms. Janet Napolis herself.

Hobnobbing it with friends in the upper echelon society in the US. How fortunate she is.

Happiness is all over birthday celebrator Jeane, at 21 years. See how cute she is when she smiles. Always showing those goddam teeth. Shit

Atty. Editha Talaboc

She legitimized Ms. Janet Napoles' Walking Dead (x Season) NGOs that were stacked with the deceased but were supposedly hungrily gobbling money in billions coming left and right from this and that politician and Philippine government bureaucrat. Just look at her. How much more beautiful can the pork barrel ladies get?

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Quo Vadis Napoles

Really, I can't begin to imagine...

So for the politico kafshët budallaqe (in Albania, the literal trranslation of "stupid beast")... also Bijtë ndyrë e qenve ("fucking sons of bitches")...

May God render them the justice they deserve.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Million People's March at Luneta

The 75,000 or so-strong people's march at the Rizal Park is a positive mark in Philippine history. It might be laden with a large number of undertones, but the truth is that, like the Arab Spring, that event could trigger a humongous domino effect in society.

The discovery by the now deceased lawyer, the late former Fiscal of Butuan City, of the sneaky, devilish act of lawyer Editha Talaboc of notarizing non-government organizations of Janet Napoles despite that the so-called names of the members of said organizations were those of already dead and buried people, is an astounding revelation.

While such a nefarious practice is not new, it still has a shocking, mind-numbing effect upon us all who have always kept mum and turned our heads away, maintained a blind eye from the dastardly, nauseous money-making schemes of so many political creatures in the country.

This use of very dirty, underhanded tactics just to bilk our people is truly the height of more than just cruelty; it impugns the very fundamental right of every living member of the population to justly receive what is due her or him in all manner that the government can provide.

Why do we have bad roads and bridges, extremely oppressive financial services and constricting government and private banking credit, overloaded mass transit, bad police protection, bad law enforcement agency service, bad justice, burgeoning squatter colonies, poverty and hunger, irreparable social loss from sending workers overseas -- the list of the effects of crimes against our basic humanity and being citizens of this country -- is endless. The public sector is no longer serving. It is simply engaged in killing, killing, certainly very softly so, but still a maniac bent on genocide.

Instead of being loved and pampered we are at the mercy of those who aggrandize themselves with the wealth of the nation at the risk of going away painfully like the late Butuan City Fiscal who passed away from cancer everywhere in his body.

Our own national cancer could not be worse.

Nothing is enough for the inconsolable murderous thieves. Their absolute amorality and unconscionable character allows them to desecrate the dead, to take acts that are beyond all our imaginations, just to amass wealth that should be due to all the people in the first place -- meaning all of us.

What differentiates the people's march against the pork barrel from other mass movements? There are a lot of factors. For one, in a short time a major upheaval is expected in society with very little stimulant. The involvement of the middle class is always something that triggers massive shake-ups in whatever society - whether backward or advanced.

Cuba was like that; Iran and later Argentina and of course the Philippines and much, much later the Iron Curtain states then the Arab Kingdoms and republics.

The reason why China's modern day Emperors survived is that they know how to stem the flow of unrest. The Chinese Communist Party has not lost its nerve and maintains its cold ruthlessness: even the mere discussion of widespread environmental catastrophe such as the forthcoming meltdown in the North Pole, could possibly send someone to jail, or even most possibly death.

There is definitely nothing of its kind in our political leadership; although the liderati could experiment in such kind of Stalinesque approach, it would be a total fiasco. A lot of people could end up brutally killed, maimed or waylaid for a lot of wrong reasons instead of issues. Somewhere, someone will rise up to stop the killers themselves.

If the People's March against Pork Barrel is not overly trivialized, and there will be no Machiavelli-type goading of the masses into forgetfulness and submission through incessant masturbation, the proverbial rolling-heads scenario is evident through the seer's crystal.

After the March at Luneta, the future is foretold.

Something will happen and happen it will indeed.

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