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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Message to Nur and Vol Mar

Messrs. Nur Misuari, Voltaire T. Gazmin, Manuel A. Roxas III


Please stop whatever violence it is you are doing in Zamboanga. You are all grown up people and you have developed brains, heads, with much hope, the most sound bodies. What you are doing now in Zamboanga is not sane, sober, outside of the realm of what has been agreed upon in international dialogue - multipartite assemblies. The issue is political. The issue is a decided issue. All that remains is enfleshing the things decided upon by some of our elders and Nur and company, among others who are still around.

Please stop, in the name of the people of this country, for the sake of all our children who will be bearing the brunt of this stupidity once it progresses into fourth generation war (guerilla, terrorism, non conventional warfare, borderless war.)


We will all appreciate and praise you all for your sobriety and we shall not forget.

Yours sincerely,

Zing Chroniclers

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