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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Please stop the pose, kill the fashion show

Fashion Show Gallery:

Military fashion statement cited by Fashion Writer Oyindamola Lawal
Military fashion show in Canada

Mayor Radu Mazare of Constantin, Rumania, likes military fashion
But wearing this wardrobe got him in very, very serious trouble

Because of the fashion show in Zamboanga, OMG! only few people (about 900) attended the prayer rally at EDSA Shrine. (Don't you just hate military fashion shows?)

Also this photo of 2 Instagrammers helped dampen the spirit of the fake anti pork barrel campaigners shit (Photo credits: http://philnews.ph/2013/09/11/jeane-napoles-selfie-picture-with-president-pnoy-went-viral-photo/)

Both sides of the conflict now going on in Zamboanga City - the Moro National Liberation Front or MNLF and the Government of the Philippines or GPH should stop whatever posturing they are doing right now.

There is no need for a military solution to the complaint of the MNLF for inclusion into the GPH MILF Agreements. This is all just political and if the government cannot fathom the manner in which to treat the MNLF then government should be able to invite individuals and groups external to the government to help resolve the stand-off between government and MNLF. It is suspected that the people running the government under the President really are at a loss all the time something like this comes up. This admin does not just have the necessary intelligence and intellect to deal with Nur Misuari - as its own representatives in the peace talks with MILF do admit. They confessed having neglected, ignored Misuari; but it's just that Nur Misuari is a major stakeholder. Only he holds the franchise to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) for the Muslims of Mindanao. Perhaps government functionaries prefer not to realize this, because its just too deep.

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