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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Low Cost Pork

Rags are cheap. So are Ukay-Ukays. For the former, you hardly need capital. For Ukay-Ukay, you might as well pass through the eye of a needle if you don't have a good contact at DSWD, Bureau of Customs, media and elsewhere that it matters. You only get Ukay-Ukay if you use a fake NGO just like the Napoles NGOs.

God bless the Ukay-Ukay NGOs. At least they've made a lot of people happy wearing designer so-sos.

Now back to our original topic: rags.

If and when the unscrupulous Congressman or Senator decides to sell his Pork Barrel Fund of 70-Million or 200-Million, he or she deals with the owner of a posh house in Corinthian Gardens (God knows where else this owner has other houses), and says he's or she's hell bent on selling his or her Pork Barrel.

Now, a Congressman's or -woman's 70-Million Pesos Pork Barrel is a lot of money. But when the Corinthian Gardens resident pays for it, he / she pays only for rags. The Cong gets a shitty 11.9-Million Pesos for the whole shebang!

If a Senator decides to sell Pork of 200-Millions, the Corinthian Resident pays a slightly less shitty 34-Million Pesos. (Sana dollar na lang, punyeta.)

For the price of rags, our good Congressman or -woman decidedly parts with his or her Pork Barrel. So does our Senator.

What kind of life is this?

The people got sold out for the measly price of rags! If they sold for 50, 60 or 70 percent, that would have been fairly higher than Ukay-Ukay. At that point, you can say at least the goddamn lawmaker made some kind of effort to earn his or her keep. But 17 percent? Shit.  All for the lust for money and to let the vices keep getting sustained for the day, to the day after and the day after the next.

How long has this been going on? The little singing birdie who told the tale says: The practice has been going on for a long, long time. Government people have known this for so long. (So now here we are, eager to stop these shenanigans; now the shit has hit the fan.)

The only capital Politicians from the President down dish out for taking part in an election is a proverbial token money to buy shirts and trousers, blouses and skirts that will become rags they will get paid for. The post they ran for guarantees them the Pork Barrel; but when they sell this f__ck__g Pork Barrel, they think nothing of the Filipino people at all.

All they think about is getting rid of the clothes they bought as if these were dirty and sell them as rags. Away goes their Pork Barrel. Of course some do it with regret, but you'll hardly see them wince once the rag money gets into their sweaty palms. Bad boys and girls! Dirty dirty!

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