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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Woman from Lima undressed

Woman from Lima is undressed as the lawyer of Mr. Jaime and Ms. Janet Napoles. Some quarters attribute the telenovela type expose and props of truckloads of documents to the missing hundreds and hundreds of Billions of pesos from the national coffers.

The coffeeshop circuits are buzzing. "How were they able to transfer these funds? What about the money coming from outside coming in as bribes to the Palace and the cabinets?" Well now that has to be uncovered. For now, you will have to make do with these new revelations. As for me, I am shocked to the bones and it will take some time before I can sleep soundly. Is it because of these demonic, diabolic schemes? Are Estrada-Revilla-Enrile not just acting at this time and are really part of the persecuted? It does appear so, but only time will tell.

My whole body is aching with a kind of illness I know nothing about. I just hope that it is not that man by the Pasig and the woman from Lima who is causing this or they'll really have hell to pay.

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