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Friday, August 1, 2014

U bE a wiNNeR iN ELeCTionS 2016

In Indonesia as in many other countries, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI) undertakes indepth studies about political campaigns. One significant work of NDI is the Political Campaign Planning Manual shown below (click the image below to download pdf document.)

NDI is based at 455 Massachusetts Ave, NW, 8th Floor, Washington, DC 20001-2621. It has field offices in many countries around the world. See the list of field offices here.

In the Philippines, a number of centers and institutes - both private and public involve themselves in the study of political campaigns and winning in elections.

Due to the highly partisan as well as feudal-patronage system-based politics and political campaigns in the Philippines, the more cerebral and similarly inclined approaches to drawing voters often does not apply in this country.

However, even given the same kind of structure in such countries as Malaysia, Indonesia and many other Asian countries, technologies and techniques in campaigns that do away with unsightly practices like employing guns, goons and gold also have a chance of delivering votes as evidenced by the victory of many unknowns in the stable of aspirants to significant political posts from Councilor, Congressman, Mayor, Vice Mayor, Vice Governor, Governor, among others proves that honest-to-goodness campaigns can also successfully make candidates win.

There is hope that Philippine elections will become better and that with improved performance on the part of the country's security and law enforcement sector, the regulatory agencies and other quarters that help keep the level of vigilance, peace and stability during poll time high, many desirable candidates will attain to positions where they can pursue policies and true reforms in the country.

It is hoped that this will also be true for all the other neighboring states in Asia, and those in Africa, Europe-Eurasia and the Americas, etc.

Pollmodernization.org invites political aspirants in the Philippine 2016 and future elections to work with us and ensure ascension - installation to public office.

Technology and knowhow for winning elections will be at your fingertips. We have proven case studies, we will add your win to our portfolio.

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